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Our Unique Approach - Parallel Planning

Our Financial Advisors take a unique approach to customizing your individual financial planning needs, which we call Parallel Planning.

Parallel Planning allows us to balance both Wealth Management and Risk Management when we develop considerations that achieve your personal and corporate financial planning goals with total and complete coverage.

Personal Financial Planning

We help you take the next steps towards financial freedom and eliminate worry about running out of money. Our powerful parallel planning process focuses on increasing rates of return on safe capital, protecting your family’s wealth while leveraging our experience in Risk Management.

Regardless of the profession or industry, our clients see their families as the first line of business and highest priority. They want to protect their families from hardship in unforeseen circumstances, but also want to make sure they are taken care of. Their Wealth Management should be treated with the same care as a business’ bottom line.

Planning For Your Family

Corporate Financial Planning

We help build your foundation by protecting your wealth, and advancing your legacy. Our unique parallel planning approach offers balanced management and collaborative planning for family and business wealth.

Our clients include corporate executives, business owners and other high-net worth individuals who seek comprehensive, tax-optimized investment solutions that align with their family and business goals, and whose demanding professions or complex financial situations make it difficult or impractical to manage their finances on their own.

Business Owner Exit Strategies

About Faughnan Financial Network

About Faughnan Financial Network

Faughnan Financial Network is a boutique financial planning organization composed of a team of experienced professionals.

We utilize a Family Office Format, which simultaneously focuses on both Risk Management and Wealth Management. Because we believe every family is a family business, our specialty is assisting clients in managing threats, fulfilling obligations and seizing opportunities. We also provide overview and guidance on cash flow, savings, protection, debt and wealth management. It is this macroeconomic approach that sets us apart.

A team approach allows us to provide additional value to those interested in creating a plan. Those reviewing and expanding upon current plans will find our second opinion and attention to detail comforting and informative.

As an authorized user of The Living Balance Sheet® which provides a platform that covers all facets of personal finance (i.e. offense and defense), with an encrypted website to organize and track all these moving parts in a simple yet detailed format. The encrypted system allows for “in the cloud” storage of any and all desired information, including legal documents, investment accounts and insurance policies. The 24/7 availability is a great asset in the event of an emergency, or for complex and detailed analysis.

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Our Services

Our Services

Our services include a full personal review of all legal, insurance and investment documents (i.e. Wills, Trusts, Auto, Life, Home, Disability, Liability Umbrella and Investment/Retirement Accounts), as well as providing support for the implementation of possible improvement in all areas.

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