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Retirement Planning for Lawyers

Our Unique Approach for Lawyers

You have worked hard to get where you are today. If you want to enjoy retirement, you will need a retirement plan that replaces the sizable cash flow you’re used to earning and prepares for the risks that lie ahead. The experienced Financial professionals at Faughnan Financial Network can help you effectively manage your assets so you can continue to provide for you and your family. 

 To help ensure you and your law firm are prepared for the future, we take a unique   approach to customizing your retirement plan that balances Wealth Management   and Risk Management. We call it Parallel Planning. It is an integrated, holistic   approach that is vital for your retirement plan and the success of your firm. There   is a science and art in all great things, including retirement planning. 

 To help you effectively plan for your retirement in an uncertain world, we take you   through our 4-step process and our big picture, family office format. Our process   effectively moves you from a ‘You At Work’ to ‘Money At Work’ strategy. It also   gives you access to a combination of financial confidence and risk management, each powerfully helping the other. This provides Cash Flow when times are tough and risk management helps keep pace with inflation. Each gives the other the ability to perform their function.

Step 1

Take a look at the cash flow that is working today. Identify places where you can increase savings while you are still working. Plan your exit strategy and evaluate your ownership interest in the business (partner equity).

Step 2

Take a look at cash flow in retirement. Identify what can be done to safely increase cash flow.

Step 3

Prepare for becoming disabled. You could need long term care before you pass. You will need funds to pay for your care.

Step 4

Create a legacy plan to ensure your spouse is protected. For the benefit of children, grandchildren, and charity, balance the economic legacy.

*This is the most serious financial game you will ever play.

Don’t do it alone.

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