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Our Approach is Beyond Common Sense

Our Approach is Beyond Common Sense

Our unique approach to customizing your Retirement Plan is called Parallel Planning which combines an analysis of Personal and Family Risk Management alongside Wealth Management. This integrated, holistic approach is important to us, because without it, it would be like showing up to the big game with only your offense or only your defense. Since this is a losing design in sports, what do you think happens to your finances where everything is on the table and exposed? The efficiencies created by managing wealth & risk have the propensity to be very profitable. Defense wins championships and the offense brings it home. Balance is key.

Moving From ‘You At Work’ to ‘Money At Work’

There are 4 stages to moving you from a “You At Work” strategy to a “Money At Work” strategy. This happens during forced and planned retirements. Our goal is to increase the rate of return on safe money, reduce taxes, provide access to capital for emergencies, and increase cash flow in retirement.

Stage 1
Examine cash flow that is working today.
Examine savings opportunities to increase savings while working.

Stage 2
Examine cash flow in retirement.
Examine what can be done to safely increase cash flow in retirement.

Stage 3
Prepare for the possibility of being disabled.
Before you pass, you could need long-term care. Funds will be necessary.

Stage 4
Legacy planning to ensure the spouse is protected.
Balance economic legacy for benefit of children, grandchildren, and charity.

*This is the most serious financial game you will ever play.

Don’t do it alone.

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